Helpful Links

These links are in no particular order. Please note that linking to a site does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of everything found on that site. It simply means we expect you will find useful information to help you grow in your faith and your Christian walk.

The London Baptist Confession (this online edition has links to the Scripture proofs)

The Philadelphia Baptist Confession (this American confession is the same as the LBC above but with two extra articles)

The Spurgeon Archive Spurgeon’s Sermons and Writings and information about Charles Spurgeon

The Reformed Reader Committed to Historic Baptist Beliefs

Ligonier Ministries Reformed Theology from R. C. Sproul

Truth for Life The Bible-Teaching Ministry of Alistair Begg Articles, MP3s & Resources on the Historic Christian Faith

Calvin’s Commentaries The Complete Calvin Commentaries From the Calvin Translation Society edition hosted by

Reformation Theology Reading Guide

CRTA – Center for Reformed Theology and Apologetics

Alpha & Omega Ministries Christian apologetics and theology by James White (Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church)

Westminster Bookstore

John Gill’s Archive Gill’s Body of Divinity and a link to his Exposition of the Entire Bible Trusted Biblical Content since 1995


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